Saturday, October 3, 2009


After reading Dooce's post on sleep I'm realizing just how lucky Jon and I are with Ansley's sleep habits. She has no problems going to bed in her crib even when we let her do big "no no" things like falling asleep in her swing.

(who could wake up those little criss-cross applesauce legs)

It also makes me a little scared of what kind of sleeper we'll get next time around. Taking care of toddler and a newborn already sounds exhausting. I can't imagine adding sleepless nights full of crying on top of that. Hopefully, like some of the moms in Dooce's video said, watching their cue's and doing what works for us all will help if they don't inherit the good sleeper gene. What ended up working for Ansley is to put her to bed at 8:00ish, wake her at 10:30ish to eat/diaper change and then immediately put her back to bed for the rest of the night until she wakes up on her own. We were putting her to bed at 8:00ish and then letting her wake on her own. This was resulting in a 4:30am feeding. So, we made that small change and it seems to be working really well for her.

Nanna, Grandpa and Emily all came up today to visit. It was a lot of fun and Ansley was in a particularly good mood. As you can tell from the picture above the visit tuckered her out :o)

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