Friday, October 2, 2009

11 Weeks Old

This week Ansley has begun recognizing the things she likes and smiling at them consistently...her toucan, the animals on her swing, her Leap Frog caterpillar, etc. She also has started getting more purposeful and firmer with her grabbing.

Recently, in the mornings when Ansley cries to get up, she'll stop while I'm making her bottle and I'll hear her making cooing noises. We put her Leap Frog Caterpillar in her crib and I think she's "talking" to it. She's started to develop a wake up mood that is normally very happy and the makes changing her diaper more challenging because she kick, kick, kicks her legs. Which, by the way, don't really look like baby legs because they are so long and skinny.

I'd say the biggest change this week is that she now sleeps from 10:30pm to 6:30/7:30am almost every night. She has her little moods every now and then, but she is for the most part a very happy playful little girl.

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  1. Oh my goodness! She sounds so cute, she is soo happy!