Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Super pooper

Today Jon almost went without lunch. I put Ansley in her car seat while finishing getting dressed to leave. She was on the bed so I could see her and by the red face and grunts I could tell she was probably going #2. She didn't go at all yesterday so I was expecting something impressive. I thought to myself, I'll just have to change her before we leave...no big deal. I was wrong. The moment I looked down to take her out I could see that she had pooped out of the diaper and all over the car seat! I was kind of in shock. It was so bad (from tummy to toes) I had to give her a bath. Luckily it was only on the newborn insert of the car seat so I was able to take it out and wash it in the sink. At this point I probably would have just stayed home, but I'd also made plans to meet one of my former students at work to help with their financial aid. I dried the insert as best I could, put a towel over it and buckled Ansley's freshly cleaned hiney in. She was all smiles from that point on.

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