Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Feels like fall

Today it finally felt like fall. Ansely has a bunch of cute long sleeved onesies that I've been waiting to put her in so of course that's what I did. And I couldn't help but add a pair of matching socks (I tried putting pants on too, but she kind of looked like and old lady).

Of course, at play group she pooped and got some of the liquid on her cute outfit (and on my shirt, which was white, and unfortunately I don't carry around a change of clothes for myself. People probably thought it was coffee or spitup, but no, it was poo). Even though the liquid nature of her bm is what caused the seeping out, I was glad. The new organic formula has resulted in little poop marbles that make her cry when passing. I never thought in my life that I would be excited to see loose stool, but I guess that's what having a baby does to a person. I had to change Ansley's onesie and the pre-packed back-up was her Guy Harvey. She looked like and little tomboy with a touch of priss in her pink ballerina socks.

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  1. aghh don't you love those excited poop days! Some would just never understand the excitement! :)