Friday, September 11, 2009

8 Weeks Old

Ansley is 8 weeks old today. She now smiles in response to you smiling at her and has even laughed. In fact, most of her wide awake time is spent happy and smiling. Of course whenever I bring the camera out she gets distracted and instead stares at the lens with a look of concern. Luckily, she was cooperative tonight.

She has had a rash for the past week that I thought was just really bad baby acne, but may be a staph infection. It doesn't seem to be bothering her as you can see. We'll just have to tone down the amount we go into public for a bit. We've had her out and about a lot and I think maybe let one too many people hold her.

All of her newborn footie pajamas are now too short, but she can still fit into some of the onesies. It's sad to pack up her cute little outfits knowing that she will never wear them again.

A few other things Ansley has started doing this week are grabbing onto your shirt when you go to put her down and batting at things (with little control or accuracy). She is also getting better at holding her head up. It bobs around a bunch, but she can hold it steady for a good few seconds before the mass of her noggin overpowers that skinny little neck.

Finally, her sleeping is starting to alternate between a night of long stretches (5-7 hours) and short (2-3 hours). The night after she slept 7 hours, she woke up every 3. And then last night she slept from 10pm-6am...8 hours! We'll have to see what tonight brings :o)

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  1. She is just so stinkin cute! She is getting so long! Nick says he loves the baby and she resembles Noah! :)