Friday, September 4, 2009

7 Weeks Old

Ansley is 7 weeks old today and weighs approximately 9lbs 4oz. She has almost outgrown her newborn jammies (her little toes get scrunched at the ends of the footies). We will soon have to buy bigger bottles because she is finishing the entire 4oz almost every time. I'm also loving that she is gaining more awareness of her hands. Sometimes when she eats she grabs onto the strings of my sweatshirt or whatever else is near so tightly that her tiny knuckles turn white. I'm sure in a few weeks this will turn from cute to slightly painful. And just so I remember in the future, her eyes are still very blue. Finally, her new favorite toy is the soothing sounds seahorse (which looks a lot like a glow worm from my childhood). Here she is this morning sleeping with her new buddy.

When we put her to bed still awake she just stares at it while munching on her pacifier. We spent the first half of today at Friday brunch play group. Ansley spent most of it sleeping as usual. Then Kennon, Carver and Valerie came over to play until Lindsey got off work. While Kennon and Ansley were sleeping I snapped some really good pics of Carver. What a cutie.

Once everyone was awake it was hard to stop and take a picture, but I did manage to get Kennon while he was still for a moment. Look at those blue eyes!

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