Friday, August 28, 2009

6 Weeks

Over the last week Ansley has started doing a few new things. She's been making more and different types of noises, discovered she can suck on her hands if there is no pacifier around and has begun staying awake in her car seat more. She used to instantly fall asleep, but instead has been having "quiet awake time" where she stares (mainly at the stripes on the car seat cover) and contemplates the world around her. Today we went to the Museum of Natural History with Carver and Valerie.

Although she couldn't fully appreciate the experience I think she liked it :o) Seriously. Some of the rooms were dim with different sounds and colored lights. She'd open her eyes big and look around as if she were interested in the change of surroundings.

Afterwards, the tired girl had no problems falling asleep.

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