Monday, August 31, 2009

Busy days...

Saturday, Nanna and Grandpa came up for a visit. It was a lot of fun and Ansley was in a very good mood. Sunday, we downloaded Skype and talked to Granny, Nanna and Aunt Jessie, Uncle Nick and Noah. Ansley really liked looking at the computer screen. By the third call she was a little over it, but she was making noises and talking to the screen during the first one. I wish I would have recorded it. Today, she was such a good girl while I ran errands. She is almost too good because she would sleep straight through eating if I let her. The stroller is an instant sleep inducer. Here she is getting ready for bed tonight...

Friday, August 28, 2009

6 Weeks

Over the last week Ansley has started doing a few new things. She's been making more and different types of noises, discovered she can suck on her hands if there is no pacifier around and has begun staying awake in her car seat more. She used to instantly fall asleep, but instead has been having "quiet awake time" where she stares (mainly at the stripes on the car seat cover) and contemplates the world around her. Today we went to the Museum of Natural History with Carver and Valerie.

Although she couldn't fully appreciate the experience I think she liked it :o) Seriously. Some of the rooms were dim with different sounds and colored lights. She'd open her eyes big and look around as if she were interested in the change of surroundings.

Afterwards, the tired girl had no problems falling asleep.

Holding her head up like a big girl

Last night we tried the mirror again. Ansley was sleepy and starting to fade, but she still tried to hold her head up like a big girl.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Last night we put in Ansley in her crib for bed. She was extra happy when we were changing/getting her ready, her making all kids of noises and smiley faces. After Jon swaddled her we left the room only to hear some fussing. I went back in to check and when I placed my hand on her head she gave the biggest smile that used every muscle in her face. It was super cute. Of course we couldn't resist this ad took her out of the crib...and am I glad we did! I sat down in front of the mirror in her room and discovered that Ansley really enjoys looking at herself and us in it and then discovered while I was wiping some spit up from her mouth that she REALLY likes when you tickle around her face with a tissue. I can't wait for more stuff like this.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Feeling better...

Today we skipped the mom's luncheon at the hospital due to a late night. Instead, I planned to go to Valerie's at noon-ish so Ansley could visit with her friends

but didn't make it there until 2:00! Having a baby is making it hard to be punctual. Luckily, Ansley's stuffy nose has seemed to clear itself up. She was almost back to her normal self after bath time tonight. During story time she was a little skeptical of Fuzzy Bee and his gang of Friends and then fell asleep on daddy's lap. Sweet girl :o)

Monday, August 24, 2009

It's a good thing she's cute :o)

August 24th, 2009
Ansley has been congested the last two nights and wanting to stay up with mommy.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Getting her all tuckered out...

The last few nights we have put Ansley on her play mat before we officially put her to bed. Little does she know it's our hope that this will tire her out enough to make her sleep longer :o)

Friday, August 21, 2009

5 weeks old

August 21st, 2009
Ansley is starting to make cute noises when she is happy and alert. We are excited that she is starting to react to what is going on around her. It's fun to watch.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

1 Month old

August 17th, 2009
I can't believe Ansley is already a month old! It's hard for me to tell if she looks different than a few weeks ago because I see her everyday. Today she had a lot of fun playing on her mat and then couldn't keep her eyes open because it was hard work doing that much activity :o) Then, tonight, she peed on me on her way to get a bath and then peed on Jon on her way from the bath to get dressed. Happy one month birthday little girl :o)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday with family

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August 15th, 2009
Today the Allens and Abels all came up to see Ansley and celebrate an early 1 month birthday. She, however, was not the life of the party and slept pretty much the entire time they were here :o)

Friday, August 14, 2009

4 weeks old

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August 14th, 2009
Ansley is 4 weeks old today! She was very happy after her bath tonight so I couldn't resist taking a lot of pictures. We took her in for a check up at the doctor's office and she weighed 8lbs 2oz. That's a pound in a week! She has been a hungry girl the past few days so it must be a growth spurt.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


August 13th, 2009
So, I knew if I posted about what a great sleeper Ansley has been lately it would come back to bite me...and it did last night. She woke up every 1.5 to 2.5 hours and has pretty much continued doing that throughout today. I don't know if this was her way of getting back at us for moving her to the big girl crib or if she is just having a growth spurt. Luckily we didn't have to be up early for anything and were able to sleep a little longer than normal. I tried putting Ansley in her swing again. She seemed to like it, but we have to use the car seat head cradle because it sits too upright without any head support for a newborn. The cushion makes her look like she has really big ears or is part rabbit :o)

Bed time 2

August 12th, 2009
Tonight we put Ansley to bed in her big girl crib. We also set up her fancy movement monitor which, although we had it on the highest sensitivity level, would beep like crazy (which is supposed to be a signal of no movement) when she entered deep sleep. I think her mattress being really thick + her being little makes it hard for the sensor to detect her breathing when it gets slower during deep sleep. Luckily she didn't even flutter and eyelash when the alarm was sounding and never woke up. Also, for the last two nights (and a handful before that) Ansley has slept for a 5 and 4 hour stretch during the night. It's really nice (although we are still tired!). I'm almost afraid to say it out loud for fear I'll jinx it. Both Jon and I are hoping it keeps up, especially since he goes back to work soon.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bed time

August 11th, 2009
Here is Ansley at Bed time tonight. She looks very happy (and awake I might add!). I don't think she realizes she's supposed to go to sleep. We tried 3 of the 5 "S's" of calming/sleep...1. swaddle 2. suckling (pacifier) and 3. shushing (the "womb sounds" bear next to her head). She was calm, but not asleep. Notice her looking straight at the camera while laying in her bassinet :o)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Play Mat

August 9th, 2009
Today Ansley went to church for the first time, although she slept through the whole service (which was a good thing!). She also noticed the toys hanging off her car seat when we were putting her in to leave. This is the second time she's acted like she can see them and both times it's been the bright yellow duck that she stares at. During her lunch time awake period we set up her play mat. She liked it, but seemed more interested in looking at Allie. Once we started jingling the various toys Allie decided she wanted to play with her toys too. She picked one out of the basket and sat next to Ansley so they could share playtime. Very cute :o)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ansley's first trip to the farmers' market

August 8th, 2009
Nana and Grandpa Allen came up to visit for the day. We took Ansley on her first trip to the farmers' market, out to lunch and then had story time. You can see Ansley was actually very interested in the book. It's funny to watch her expressions and follow the images while she listens. She especially likes books that rhyme with big bright colored pictures.

Friday, August 7, 2009

3 weeks old

August 7th, 2009
Ansley has been a little fussier than normal and seems to be having some tummy trouble so we took her to the doctor for a check up. She's fine, we may just have to tough it through a few more nights of even less sleep before she's back to her normal pattern. Interestingly though she was exactly 7lbs when they weighed her. They doctor weighs her in her birthday suit where as Jon weighed her fully dressed and diapered yesterday. I guess all that clothing makes a difference when you are looking at ounces.

Ansley's hats all seem too big for her head even though they say newborn. Because of that she spends half of the day like this photo. We thought about calling her "Dumb Donald" after the character from Fat Albert, but decided that wasn't a very nice nickname :o)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

You're fired!

August 6th, 2009
We're not sure if she was dreaming about the Apprentice and telling someone "you're fired!" or DJ-ing the turn tables at the club, but either way she slept with her hand like this for a while. Jon took her down to the lactation room to be weighed while I was at my Dr's appointment today and she was 7lbs 7oz.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Little feet...foot

Today I took Ansley over to visit with her friend Kennon while I visited with his mom. She slept through most of it, but Kennon (who is 9-10 months old) was very interested in her. It was cute.

August 4th, 2009
Taken last night. In her little sleep sack she looks like a torso with no legs, only feet, when she scrunches up her legs into her body. Luckily she stretched them out long enough for me to take a picture.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

While daddy was getting diapers at 10:30pm

August 3rd, 2009
So last night at about ten o'clock Jon and I realized that the huge box of diapers we bought at Sam's on Saturday were not size N but 1-2 and way too big. At this point we had exactly five of the right sized diapers left and would be cutting it close to try and make it through the night. Needles to say Jon had to make an emergency trip to the closest 24 hour Walgreens. Ansley was wide awake during his outing so I took pictures to pass the time :o)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Saturday with friends

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August 1st, 2009
Today was Ansley's first day out in the real world. We went to Sam's for some chicken sandwiches and diapers :o) Later in the day Mary, Steve, Val, Ethan and Carver came over. It was so nice to feel like we are getting back to normal where we don't live in a hospital!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tummy time

July 31st, 2009
Tummy time with her daddy